Pezzottaite (Madagascar) – Loving Attitudes

Pezzottaite has some fascinating capabilities in allowing the heart to go into a resonant condition with others. This can be extremely helpful when people want to understand, learn, and work with that experience directly. It tends to be a fairly unconscious aspect, largely relegated to what is termed personal love. As you have the desire, a need within you to create this resonance with another soul, you then learn from it, you powerfully apply the law of reflection, you sandpaper each other; you work with those energies, typically unconsciously, and find through this a great deal of growth. Pezzottaite has the capacity to bring into consciousness the nature of this resonance and allow you to take that as a powerful healing sense: a feeling of a compassionate caring love, a personal love, into a different realm, into the realm of a deeper connection to other people. At first, this is difficult, even with the assistance of this elixir, for you to allow this energy for those who would be your enemies, or people you struggle with, or people who you have karma with that inevitably shows up as negative or difficult; but even there, over time, it eases this relationship, it allows you to understand where there is a similarity. It is as if then urging you to love yourself, but not just love the parts of you that you approve of or that other people approve of or that you think are all right, but to love all the parts of your self, the parts that you would find the most difficult, the parts you are trying to overcome, the parts that you would shun or push away from your self, the times when you were judgmental, the times when you accidentally hurt someone, the times when you did things that you have regretted at this time, the times in which you have made mistakes. As you have a new sense of yourself in this regard, it is as if saying to the child: ‘I forgive you. I love you. I allow this.’ Many times, as this resonance is very difficult to establish in a conscious way with your self, you must establish it with someone else. This is the intriguing part of the way in which the more practical, outwardly acting aspects of the law of reflection work where you magnetically attract to yourself the very sort of individuals that you would find a great deal of difficulty with, and find yourself then attempting to change that relationship or shun it rather than find a way of accepting it, and most importantly, it’s aspect in yourself. Where the elixir then can be so helpful is as you come to understand this part of your self and love it, but at the same time, deliberately seek at a practical level to alter your relationship with others.


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