Petalite (Namibia) – Self Acceptance

Petalite has some intriguing qualities of stimulation to the pancreas; the opportunity to establish a gentle sloping link between the pancreas and the heart, establishing a love aspect and benefit that gives an innate calming effect, enhancing the body’s ability to naturally absorb lithium. Gradually, various mental states are shifted, sometimes they are eased, but generally it is as if you can step back, look at your life, see yourself differently, accept innate capabilities, talents, but also various blocks or issues that you have struggled with. Gradually, what emerges is a sense of yourself as if it is all right, it is all unfolding in its own time, in its own way, and that this is somehow acceptable to you even when it is around issues that you have struggled with at various times. Petalite elixir can stimulate for some individuals the capacity to love themselves in ways that seem as if they have opened a great floodgate, a powerful helpful energy. If that does occur for the individual, it would be wise to be around other people, even if necessary to be physically close to them, as if to receive an embrace or to ask them what do you think of me, and to receive, particularly if they can send you some positive energy as you work with this new mental image. It is as if the image that has already been present in you is rediscovered but in a very loving, gentle, almost delicate way as if arising from somewhere deep within you is a sense of yourself as sacred, as special. This actually has nothing to do with your accomplishments or your appearance, it is as if you are rediscovering how God sees you, how the energy of the universe breathing into you did so when you first were born on this planet, an energy that somehow in its own way, lovingly and delicately, brings a spark of life into your being. But the spark is a pink spark, it is a gentle loving spark, it is a spark that tells you that you are capable of much, but for now, rest. In this way what is often felt in an individual is sorts of inner strength to accomplish things that they might not have otherwise seen possible for themselves.


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