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Murmanite (Kola Peninsula, Russia) – Generational Rapport - Pegasus Products

Murmanite (Kola Peninsula, Russia) – Generational Rapport

There is a childlike capacity to speak the truth that is conferred and assisted with Murmanite. This gives individuals an enhanced ability to communicate with children, but it also enhances the ability of children to communicate with adults and with each other. This would not seem to be particularly important given the many ways in which this can be established and other aspects that encourage this, but we are noting that many children that have been born in the last 10 years (since 1998) are encountering some difficulty with this. They are finding it hard to convey a deep sense of themselves, an awareness of their true gifts, talents, and capabilities. Children being born in this time period recognize that they are going to be witnesses to powerful aspects of change, but at the same time they are too young to have the opportunity to wield that change in a way in which it is clearly needed. Many children are very much aware of the effects their lives and those of the people around them and their parents are having on the environment. They recognize the significant enhancement of the temperature and carbon dioxide issues, and the ways in which this is likely to lead to a significant sequence of difficulties for the planet. They are frustrated not only because they can’t do anything about it; being simply able to speak about it is insufficient, but also because they understand what could be done, they are willing to do it, they have the opportunity in their own consciousness to know this because they saw it before they were incarnated. There is also an emotional aspect associated with Murmanite, a sense of hopelessness relieved. This hopelessness may be relieved both in the children and the adults, and ways in which this might be better understood will simply come to asking questions of a compassionate, caring, and loving nature. When you are willing to ask, and especially be asked by the children, then these are important areas to explore apart from Murmanite, but where that hopelessness has been relieved, where the children are more willing to speak their own personal truth, then there does seem to be quite an enhancement as if the generations better able to understand and work with each other.


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