Monazite-Ce (Colorado) – Understanding Emotions

Monazite-Ce appears to have important qualities in changing how you relate to your own emotions, a way in which you see them, feel them, and know them differently, a sense that they are no longer those which are fixed. Many times this can be particularly valuable where you have a strong emotional reaction to a person or a situation. This can be a phobia, a leftover from a nasty or difficult divorce, some traumatic incident from childhood, some way in which you have been abused or harmed, or in some way the energies shifted as a result. Gradually you recognize the true value of the emotions as a reminder, a signpost, where to look so that you may balance the karma. Whenever there has been victim, you then also recognize the presence of perpetrator, perpetrator in the physical world, but also in yourself. In the balancing of this, in the understanding of it, in the willingness to accept it, you may find that there is a new shift. As the emotional body is cleansed, what results from this can often be a willingness to extend this to every aspect of emotions that you encounter. This is very important, because those who recognize that emotions are fixed, that’s just the way it is for them, are misunderstanding the energy-in-motion concept. E-motion, energy-in-motion as an understanding, is a powerful one for most people to recognize in this life. To accept this for themselves, to truly feel it, not just to hold it as an intellectual concept but as something that is actually present for them, this does seem to be significantly enhanced by Monazite-Ce. There also does seem to be benefit for many individuals as they use it in a deeper willingness to hear, receive, and work with other people’s emotions as well in a positive and helpful way. This leads eventually to an aspect of healing that has not been extensively explored on your planet. This has to do with the way in which emotions can be used to heal. An example of this is where a powerful shout connecting to the emotion of anger is used to startle a non-physical being of mal-intent, making a strong attachment to an individual.


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