Mixite – Greater Possibilities

This stone is helpful in energizing the legs, hip region, and heart at the same time. At the next higher level, it is useful in bringing people through their blocks into action, bringing energy into the physical body and into their activities. In the winter months, when one is feeling more sluggish or unable to complete certain tasks, this stone can bring new energy for these tasks. At the higher spiritual level, it brings deeper awareness as to where one is putting one’s time, attention, attunement, and energy. This can bring one a deeper sense of possibilities. This stone can be helpful in the creative process, bringing new perspectives into one’s work so one can see a different way of doing things, thus helping with difficulties such as writer’s block. It is also useful for gaining a perspective on what one is already doing, seeing things as if through someone else’s eyes. Part of this is because the heart opens and there is significant improvement of the heart’s vision capacity, what could be called the eyes of the heart. Combining Mixite with Potato flower essence can bring much easier attunement to higher levels of vibration and higher conscious states.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in