Millbillillie (Stony Meteorite) – Higher Attunement

The asteroid Vesta is able to help individuals with transformation in spiritual consciousness. They become more aware of higher origins, sometimes connected to Christ energy or to the energy of the female aspect of Christ. There can be benefit in utilizing Vesta elixir at the same time as this stone. This meteorite strengthens one’s deeper attunement to the energies associated with the ancient civilizations that gave rise to angels and related matters, similar to other meteorites. This meteorite is associated with a large structure that existed on the continent of the planet Jmojer. The structure was largely based upon animal lifeforms that produced coral-like formations. This allowed a deeper connection between such formations and the sea. Any of the corals will have their effects accentuated by this stone. People can use this Millbillillie to attune to the element of water. It is a unique stone in this regard: a blending between water and fire, without the usual production under such circumstances of steam. This is because in the time of the explosion and breaking apart of the Jmojer world, there was the production of great heat that was instantly able to capture certain characteristics of these people and their world. There is a deeper understanding of the willingness to incarnate, resulting in an easing of certain emotional aspects of coming into form in a physical body. Individuals with chronic illness held in their bodies for most of their lifetimes will benefit by this stone.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in