Milarite – Visualization

This stone is useful in coordinating conscious intent relating to higher spiritual activities. An activation of cellular metabolism takes place more clearly under this spiritual direction. This can be very useful for self-healing. The visualization is to bring the energy from what could be seen as a pattern at the highest conscious level, an awareness of God, a loving intent or connection to the Earth, a sense of compassion or caring for all of Earth’s peoples, or any similar higher intent. Then imagine this forming within itself an energy that can then be transmitted to the physical body. This is personified well by a visualization of an exact duplicate of your own physical body, one in radiant and perfect health, nourished and sustained by these higher spiritual energies. Imagine it activated by the heart and the third eye. Then this activation of energy moves into the beautiful body you have created in your consciousness. This body then moves to match your physical body, and then a one-to-one correspondence is instantly established between the cells of the physical body and the cells of this perfect health double. Milarite stimulates the transference of energy from causal directly to physical, to realign cellular metabolism to make it easier to absorb minerals, vitamins, water, and a number of other substances.


Additional information

Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in