Meteorite (Sahara Desert 1997) – Angelic Technology

This Meteorite came from a piece of the planet, ‘Jmojer’, between Mars and Jupiter, that was located near, the best way to explain it would be, a power station. This was not for broadcast of power as electrical power as you understand it, but had some similarities in the sense that though it was based on consciousness, it still had the capacity to provide heat, light, electrical energy, and other things. The consciousness in the vicinity was very concentrated, and very strong. People employed to service or work with these power-generating areas could only remain in them for short periods.

This is an energy that has important characteristics in bringing a sense of empowerment and strength, and a willingness to work with the angelic realms in ways that could bring this into the earth as specific projects, as healing aspects for Earth, and especially various areas of employment of angelic technologies. Generally, the angel Metatron is associated with these sorts of energies. But they can have other ways of working with people than simply through the angels or various names. This can be stimulating when people are looking for energy in their own bodies that come from much higher vibrational sources than they are usually aware of.


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