Metazeunerite (Arizona) – Extraterrestrial Awareness

This stone has some interesting capability in raising consciousness and bringing people to a deeper awareness of what is going on in the local space around them. This is difficult for individuals at times not because they have a sense of another presence, of another energy, but because it is barely physical but not fully non-physical, a sort of in-between energy, they do not easily relate to it and may even find themselves afraid of it. Metazeunerite allows them a better ability to sense the subtle realms, in particular, the presence of extraterrestrials, a variety of external forces and energies brought for purposes, usually, of benefit and healing for most people. Metazeunerite may also help individuals with problems with negative or service-to-self based extraterrestrials. But for the most part it allows you a deeper understanding or view, the ability to see the ships and the beings that may be perceived at night. Many individuals are fascinated with this; as by example the enormous popularity of the various UFO-based television shows. These are striking a chord within individuals because of their own experiences, because they have in past lives or intermissive period been on the ships, because they have some karmic connection to these beings, because they have the inherent recognition that they are a part of the universe, they are connected to these energies, and they can work with them in various ways. As a result of this, there can be at times for individuals many perplexing aspects, many areas they don’t understand about these energies. Metazeunerite helps them see and understand from hearing, from the senses, what is going on around them; in particular as they gaze into the sky, as they are aware of the extra-physical energies and the physical energies, and the ways in which they blend together. There can be benefit in observing these beings in action in the dream state. With the use of the elixir one becomes more aware of the higher and more positive useful intent of the interaction between humanity and extraterrestrials, this energy then naturally allows people a way in which they can come to accept and work with each other.


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