Mercury Ore – Mental Acuity

This elixir has a higher affinity for quickness of thought, the ability to quickly open the heart, and to allow individuals to change their mind. The mercurial temperament can be eased. Those who can therefore open more easily to this can more easily balance their ability to shift point of view too rapidly for others. Thus, individuals become at once more dependable and at the same time more able to understand multiple points of view. In addition, the higher uses of this elixir would involve the many methods currently being studied to remove toxic mercury from people’s bodies. It can be quite helpful in drawing out what might be seen as the higher emotional and mental levels of mercury contamination. These are very difficult at times to remove with simple homeopathic methods. The gem elixir at stock bottle potency can be quite helpful in this regard. However, there is a higher level to this, and it has to do with the opening to the God Mercury, to the winged being of light and understanding, for those who wish to improve communication and mental function, to achieve much deeper attunement between the higher soul energies of people.


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Weight2.91 oz
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