Lavendulan – Higher Purpose

This stone is quite helpful in increasing the vibrational rate of the connection between the soul and the DNA in the body. This can be especially helpful for healers seeking to shift or change DNA in other people. This usually works through four stages, one at a time. First it brings forth the consciousness within the DNA. Thus, the individual presents a very simple picture, such as a willingness to live, and then an awareness of important basic lessons, such as an understanding about love, communication, relationship, or dependence on oneself. The next level of awareness is the resonant pattern created by all the vibrating DNA molecules within the person. The healer who has utilized Lavendulan is able to create an energy that can interact with the complex waveform in the other person. The third stage is the merging of the healer and client’s energies, which also allows the higher purpose for the interaction between these two individuals to emerge. Finally, a deliberate separation takes place, and the energies left with the client are able to continue the healing process on many levels simultaneously and over time. This stone was utilized in Atlantis in many forms. This stone is closely linked to the beings associated with Alcyone and many of those working with Pleiadian information and awareness at this time. The connection between the resonance and changes in the body got their start in Atlantian times as a result of conscious interaction with beings from the Pleiades.


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