Kutnahorite – Life Lessons

This stone is helpful for several levels of cleansing and strengthening throughout the physical, emotional, aetheric, and mental bodies. It is quite useful in bringing into focus important life lessons that individuals are not consciously aware of or have set aside. These often relate to suppressed areas of personal growth or deeper understanding. Utilization of this stone would be extremely helpful with chronic health conditions where an individual is aware that there is a life lesson that must be worked on. The same energy that could create the growth of a virus or of a tumor in the body can be redirected into energy of growth for one’s own personal evolution, awareness, understanding, and awakening. This stone really shines in its ability to re-route energy. Kutnahorite elixir in combination with Xenon elixir is helpful for bringing new energy into the body where growth is needed, particularly in the skin, the nerves, the hair, and in the bony structures of the body. Kutnahorite combines well with Krypton elixir for deeper understanding of the life lesson behind a difficult disease.


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