Ktenasite (Norway) – Hidden Ideas

Ktenasite has some interesting properties at bringing hidden ideas into consciousness. Often these are perceived as from past lives, things that are important, governing your life, tendencies, things you move towards without consciously being aware of it. But also these can be other ideas. The most important ideas that could be seen as hidden that need to come to light are those from the intermissive period, the time before you were born, you thought of many of the things you would be doing here, the people you would meet, the contracts you would make. These are the things you need to understand or work with, the aspects of consciousness you need to learn about, the things that you are going to do here, not as contracts but as a concept, as a thought, as a belief, as an energy that you need to bring powerfully and clearly into your understanding. As a result of this important way in which Ktenasite is able to bring these ideas into consciousness, dreams may be affected. Dreaming after some influence from this stone, by having the stone near you as you sleep or using the elixir before going to sleep. It may take a few days as the astral body is shifted, over a period of about three days these energies begin to build, and the result can often be an energy that is pouring these ideas through but at a very high vibrational level so you don’t get them so easily. Sometimes in the dream state this is easier. As the dreams come, you become aware of a way of thinking or seeing, some way in which you can talk to others or do things differently. This can have a strong emotional impact. Some people may find when they awaken from such a dream there is a feeling of emotional upliftment, a sense of euphoria just when thinking about the dream.


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