Jeremejevite (Lake Baikal, Russia) – Enthusiastic Marketing

Important qualities of enthusiasm and exuberance can be strengthened in some individuals with the use of Jeremejevite. The elixir may bring to individuals a better understanding of this energy and be very helpful to them in, of all things, marketing. That is to say, some of the innate or natural qualities that are within you are then those things that other people respond to. Marketing brings this out. It may not be the thing that you want very much because of its many associations to money or to various issues that might be in various ways distracting from your spiritual path, but at the same time marketing is an important part of the spiritual path. How do you learn about these paths, the various teachers or gurus? What books will you read about such matters, and how will they be brought to your door? In some cases this comes through seeming coincidence, but in other cases it may show up through aspects of marketing, ways in which people are advertising and sharing their information, showing who they are and communicating to the world. This stone allows individuals not only to work with things more intuitively that are brought to them, but find within those things that enthusiastic aspect, that aspect that awakens them that is fun, that is exciting, that is interesting. Conversely, when they are seeking to market, to bring out into the world their own energies, what is intrinsic in their nature of that which is fun, exciting, helpful to others, enjoyable–to be able to crystallize this and speak of it, to bring it into consciousness in ways that you can share it with others, and to do it in such a way that it is then acceptable to you.


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