Ilmenorutile – Multi-Dimensional Awareness

Ilmenorutile appears to have useful capabilities in enabling people to better understand multi-dimensionality, having the sense of their own vibratory energies pushing them towards higher dimension. In particular, for most people, this will be a sense that they are connected to some collective consciousness, some awareness of all that is, some aspect of humanity that is connecting to every human in some way; the sense that this is innate, that it is always present, that is can be better and more easily tapped into at any time.

It would seem that in many ways, the elixir of this stone will not only enhance that, but give people a direct experience of this: the sense that they are somehow interacting on that level. What would appear to enhance this is a brief period of immobility, in particular after taking the elixir to lie very still. Perhaps you are on your back in a relaxed warm environment with no interruptions and can simply remain very still. If this can be done to the point that there is a sense of loss of sensation, a sense of floating or other energies that are disconnected from the physical, this would enhance the visualization energy as one attunes to the sense of something much greater: people all over the world, perhaps doing their various activities, but yet united at some level: I choose to exist, perhaps, or I choose to love.

What may come to you at such a time is the way in which you can be aware of it is an enhancement of your humanity, the nature of what brings you into this world, what is useful to you, the energies that humanity is developing, where it is going with it. Sometimes this can be very helpful if you are working on a project or something that might affect many people.


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