Hessite (Romania) – Time Shift

Hessite has interesting abilities to speed up time, to shift one’s relationship to time, to bring areas that were formerly out of time into time. Where this makes sense is where in a parallel universe various things are occurring that are similar to what is happening in your universe, and at some point these need to be brought in, need to be understood, need to be worked with. Time is a relative phenomena, something which for humans is seemingly absolute by outside reference such as watches, clocks, etc. But inside, in people’s consciousness, the ability to slow down time or speed it up, to learn things more rapidly, to relax more deeply into places of peace and energy that is healing and helpful, these are all benefited greatly by your understanding of time. Hessite gives you the greater insight to work with this, greater psychic abilities to understand these movements, and the ability to perceive the many paths that are available to you in future time. Many awarenesses shift as you work with this stone, and it becomes very creative, ways in which you can do things differently, bring in entirely new energies literally from a parallel universe, work with aspects that you had previously shut out, work with energies that can be valuable in ways you had not previously seen possible. As this expands within your consciousness, you begin to recognize that you had assumed that many of those things that appear to be confining, aspects of deadline, of doing things within a certain time frame, are there self-imposed, are those areas you brought in because you had some particular goal, some issue, something you wanted to do. Hessite has many capacities to encourage communication with higher evolved extraterrestrial beings. The very aspects of this are confusing to humans when you gaze upon the stars. You are perceiving the light from the star, its color, its appearance, even its location as reference to how it was when the light was emitted. For close stars this is a small discrepancy from where the star is in actuality right now, but for the very far away stars, this is a significant aspect of confusion to consciousness. Yet the idea is that the beings on those stars, the planets orbiting them or the stars themselves, have for you communications that are based on now, on their present level of development, and most importantly your present level of development. Hessite eases this discrepancy, allows you the sense of these beings as they can work with you right here and right now, and points out to you the influence in consciousness, creativity, and possibilities that they can bring you. Sometimes this can be inspiring for inventors, for people who are seeking new discoveries or seeking to understand archeological or other ancient phenomena, bringing into your consciousness a different point of view and a different relationship to time entirely.


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