Heazlewoodite (Tasmania) – Wisdom Keeper

This stone was used in ancient times, by a person who was designated, by the Lemurian group, as a ‘keeper of wisdom’. The stone will tend to provide a sense of inner wisdom or inner peace for individuals who are open to the idea of receiving deeper wisdom. After taking the elixir, one may notice a gentle pressure in the third eye region or a gentle movement like a light breeze through the head region, and then at some later point, it could be even months later, a sudden sense of idea, purpose, help to others, some way in which one steps forward with that wisdom then naturally shows up. The first of these is to confer on anyone a deeper sense of wisdom out of time, a willingness to be patient, to allow things their own way, to recognize others who are the keepers of the wisdom for your tribe, for your people, your organization, your group, your community, your company, etc. The second quality, though, is for those who find themselves in positions of being the keepers of the wisdom for the group, those who must make decisions for others, those who have decision-making thrust upon them. For them, Heazlewoodite gives to them a sense of the timing, a willingness to wait, a new opportunity to receive wisdom, new areas to explore and integrate, as many energies from many different sources are simultaneously available to them. But most importantly, it confers upon them the sense that it is ok at times to wait, that they do not have to be swept up in the fury and the energies of those who are frantic or who want things to be changed, or in the more negative sense, are producing fearful energies for their own purposes. In other words, as this awakening of your own inner wisdom shows up, you are more willing to trust it.


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