Hausmannite (Kalahari, South Africa) – Flexibility

There is important attribute of flexibility enhanced by Hausmannite; the capacity to perceive things from multiple angles and immediately apply this. Many applications where there is lack of flexibility in the physical body or when one wishes to enhance flexibility of the physical body appears to improve immediately through the use of Hausmannite in its elixir form. However, there does seem to be an enhancement of higher vibrational levels, flexibility of the mental body, ability to learn languages perhaps, or to break through previous obstacles. But at the higher vibrational level, it is flexibility in your awareness of God, of all of the forms of God, of all of the ways in which God’s energy manifests to you, all of the aspects in which you can receive this and know it as others might. Where this can be particularly valuable is noting where in the physical body flexibility has important symbolic meaning for you, where it is blocked perhaps because of back pain or stiffness, or various aspects of the hip or knee, or parts of the body where commonly flexibility is reduced. As one is able to shift the relationship to this, one often can get the deeper lesson more clearly and easily, and dislodging those lessons, seeing where you could be more flexible in your approach, in your attitudes, in how you work with others and so on, often has a gradual trickle-down effect, clearing those issues that might be ascribed to arthritis or various lack of flexibility diseases, but as one would use Hausmannite one would see this speed up and the deeper lessons show up more easily. Combines well with clear calcite for improved physical flexibility.


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