Grandidierite – Grounded Spirituality

Granditerite has some interesting properties with its ability to confer a deeper sense of wisdom and love to an individual without their direct awareness of this process, as if it is just supplying them an energy that they would need. Many people are on a spiritual quest because at an unconscious level they are seeking to balance some karma or feel the need at some level to increase their own inherent wisdom, their own inherent love. Such individuals will often appear to others as spacy, people who though they are learned, involved in various aspects for instance of gems and flowers or healing, are unable to ground or work with such an energy in a conscious fashion. This occurs, it would seem, because they are unable to well-integrate the aspects of more concrete linear communication with the subtler energies that they are aware of. Granditerite can help these individuals greatly by enabling them to anchor and bring through both of these aspects. It does tend to assist with left and right brain, but it is not from the brain onward, it is rather from the causal body and higher spiritual functions downward that these energies are transferred. Granditerite’s real purpose in allowing this for an individual is an opening to the blending of the love energy with the thought energy in a way that is quite usable to the individual; usable means at the soul level, not just the physical level, and not just in the Earth level, that is for mundane activities or interacting with others.


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