Goethite (Colorado) – New Awareness

Oftentimes, individuals will find the sense that areas they have studied or worked with for receiving useful information and understanding can reach a place where the ability to work with it slows down, requires a shift in thinking, comes to a whole new way of being, they have the sense that this is there but they cannot find it. This stone has many abilities to allow the individual a new way, a penetrating capacity to see this in a new light, to experience it in ways they had not previously. But as they have this deeper awareness, they will find that they are immediately pushed to express it, to put it into form somehow, to write it down, to put it in a poem, to put it in a work of art.

Many important aspects of artistic expression are strengthened by the use of this stone, but one may note that over time it requires you to go deeper, to take any aspect that you have worked with before, something that perhaps you did in childhood or have not looked at in many years and understand it again. To analyze it, to take it apart, to look at it in different ways, yes all of those more mental functions, but as well something much deeper, something relating to the answer to this question: what joy did you experience going into that thing, what attracted it to you in the first place? Now as you might imagine, the application of Goethite in relationships is a fascinating area of exploration where you look at the opportunity to transform a relationship, to see things in a way that you had not previously, but at the same time to require you to somehow understand that more deeply, more powerfully, and express it to your partner.


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