Glauberite (Camp Verde, Arizona) – Touch

Glauberite appears to confer the ability of human skin to receive information more directly from the environment. This appears to shift how you interface with the world, affecting sense of touch, sense of embrace, willingness to receive information from anything you should touch. Psychometry does appear to benefit from this, the capacity to receive information from objects. The ability to communicate with objects is also enhanced; though this does not seem to have much in the way of direct use, some individuals, particularly those involved in art where they are sculpting, changing the shape of various materials, will certainly benefit from use of Glauberite. It also appears to have enhanced capacity to bring various aspects of healing touch into deeper awareness for most people. A sense of this eventually gives way to new forms of healing touch, new methodologies, and new ideas. These are constantly coming to the planet with all kinds of new ideas, new methods, but each individual needs to find for themselves something that they are going to be inspired by, that is fun for them, that enables them easier, deeper awareness of the sense of touch. In particular, exercises that bring in a visualization, an awareness of the movement of energies in the skin may be assisted greatly by Glauberite. One excellent exercise is the visualization of a sensation of brushing such as with a soft-haired paintbrush across the skin’s surface, an awareness or welcoming of such all over the body can be very stimulating to the aetheric body, bringing in a deeper sense of one’s own direct contact with this. In this sense, Glauberite can be helpful at enhancing astral projection. As one falls asleep, the visualization of the energies of this brushing nature, sensing it all over the body as a stimulating helpful strengthening energy, as if to wake up the aetheric body. And the way in which these energies then form in sleep a second body, a traveling body, the typical understanding of the astral body, and the awareness that this then has a physical contact to your physical body can be a helpful visualization as you fall asleep.


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