Garnet (Grossular) (Pink) – Enthusiasm

This form of garnet has some unique properties to confer a sense of exuberance, enthusiasm, and a capacity to inspire this in others. More importantly though, it helps individuals come to a deeper understanding of the very nature of enthusiasm and inspiration, allowing them a better sense of what is possible for themselves. It can allow individuals who have at various times in their life reduced their capacity to be enthusiastic, joyful, and enjoy things in life, to let go of this for a few minutes, to come to a deeper understanding for a few days, to have a deeper sense of self-acceptance as a result.

Usually there is some particular experience in this life or a previous life in which these energies to reduce enthusiasm, to dampen it in some way, have had important play upon the individual, particularly to protect them. They have then established ways in which they will reduce that in this life. For many individuals, it is as simple as: ‘If I do not get too enthusiastic, then I will not be disappointed.’ And the desire to avoid disappointment and the inherent negative emotions associated with this then can produce a variety of experiences in which the individual’s ability to enjoy life and contagiously allow this to others, find that place of greater joy and strength in many areas, and so on, that this is then significantly reduced.


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