Garnet (Demantoid) – Inviting Transformation

Demantoid Garnet also has the opportunity to invite transformation and release karma, but here there is a special focus on the ability to understand the habit patterns associated with the transformation of matter into form, the ability to work with that which you have learned, and then take it to a higher level, and to expand this, to do it in ways you could not have imagined.

This is especially useful to experience in any time in which a trauma or accident has occurred, in which death looms on the horizon, in which you are contemplating your own death, or assisting others in making their transition to enable them to a sense of greater possibility, greater understanding and things that might take them on a whole different journey. Many healing abilities are assisted with this stone. The ability to perceive a sense of a clearing and waving vibratory energy moving from your heart down your arms and to your hands is a helpful visualization.

After using the elixir, working with another person, simply in bodywork, simply in waving the hand around that person, no specific intent, just the idea of general transformation and a releasing lifting energy. It combines fairly nicely with silversword flower essence to provide an enhancing experience of the opportunity to transform to a higher vibrational level. Individuals who are recognizing their aging, seeing of how their lives are changing, questioning and looking at the direction that they are going to, would do well with this elixir and will benefit from it on multiple levels in experiencing other possibilities in consciousness than they had seen for themselves previously.


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