Garnet (Andradite) (Melanite) – Karmic Beliefs

This stone has helpful properties at encouraging individuals to let go of beliefs that have stood in their way karmically in the past. This is often one of the greatest difficulties of karma when through an emotional way, repeatedly utilizing emotions without very much conscious thought lifetime after lifetime, emotional patterns get stuck, even once you have balanced the karma, even once you have become aware of the karma or the past-life energy, or even when you know at the deepest level that those belief patterns no longer serve you, they resurface, they show up in ways that are difficult for you to understand, they manifest for you in ways that seem to stand in the way of your own progress.

In this way of a clearing what often shows up with the use of andradite garnets is a great awareness of energies of love, a sense of your own passion and awareness of yourself that can expand, that can go in directions you had not seen possible, and more importantly, allow you to completely let go of what stands in the way. It is the long-time habit patterns established at an emotional level, a level beyond your conscious understanding from pastlife tendencies, past lives that had an important influence on you. In many cases, these can be positive energies, they may seem the great learning or benefit from an Atlantian scientific lifetime, from a life as a priest, from a life of assisting or helping others, and yet in those lifetimes as well as in those in which you might have experienced struggle or difficulty, powerful habit patterns associated with the emotions were often established. I must work with people in this certain way. I must speak only in this certain way. I must move forward in a way that perhaps restricts my own energy but allows others greater freedom. The belief patterns as they may evolve can often be at such a large level rather than those at a practical day-to-day nature, and these belief patterns can govern your entire life, bringing into your own consciousness a way of doing things unconsciously, impulsively, without any reason or understanding, it just feels more comfortable to you.

After you have worked through a variety of psychological or behavioral methods, after you have cleared various karmas, you may still find yourself shy, or struggling with sufficient connectivity and empathy, or with talents and capabilities just beyond your reach or grasp as those that might seem desirable to you as they might be evident in other people by their creative efforts or their music or their writing. So where those have stood in your way, the very beliefs or thoughts about the eligibility, the practical, the deservedness for you to have those talents, for you to work in those directions, this can be a very helpful way to clear it.


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