Ernstite (Brazil) – Solar Healing

This stone appears to confer much enhancement of the body’s ability to absorb sunlight and to understand more of the nature of the sun. The energies that are particularly helpful to people at the current time have to do with Ernstite’s ability to enhance absorption of vitamin D, thus avoiding many of the difficulties that typically occur when vitamin D drops in the physical body. These vitamin D levels are a sort of trigger for different physical experiences in the body; when they drop there can be the sudden signal to the body to go into a cleansing mode for such as cold, flu, or other experiences in which the cleansing may involve the need for various short-lived viruses in the body. By taking the elixir during the time period of significant seasonal change, for instance in winter or fall, or in the reverse, coming into spring, then some of this may be avoided or in several ways modified. This elixir is very helpful in bringing a sense of the sunlight energy or strengthening center of the solar system, solar energy, a very positive uplifting helpful energy, into the spine and particularly the root chakra.


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Weight2.91 oz
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