Ellestadite (California) – Telepathy

Ellestadite has an intriguing ability to enable individuals deeper telepathic communication in ways that had been previously completely inaccessible to them. Typically for individuals what will happen is they will have a sudden burst of noise on initial taking of the elixir or holding the stone, tuning into it in some way, as if there is a sense of a roaring, whooshing, or even a high pitched ringing sound. At first this is unintelligible and there is little one can do with it. But this will repeat itself and over time what will emerge from this are simple phrases, simple words, and simple ideas. However, Ellestadite has no specific in that regard: it can be used for an attunement to any source: the earth itself, rocks, a star, your own body, a particular cell in the body, a cancerous condition in the body or in someone else’s body, or an animal or a plant. It can establish this by means that are extraordinary, nothing to do with the physical; it works on a much higher vibrational level, as if connecting to some imprint or soul energy or something associated with the person, plant, or object of this attunement. As the energy moves, it must be translated; somehow this will typically be a stimulation of something in your consciousness, something that is already present, and therefore comes into your consciousness. Of course, Ellestadite could be helpful in channeling, allowing you to better attune to various things that you are interested in receiving information from. It can be useful also in psychometry where one wishes to receive communication from objects.


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