Duftite – Shifted Perspective

This stone is useful for shifting patterns of love that people find in their reality day after day. This can be helpful in working with children who have behavior patterns that the adult deems inappropriate. In the work environment, some may unconsciously create patterns that are difficult for others to work with. No judgment here — simply realize there is a difference in vibration, in approach to a given challenge in life. What Duftite can do is bring new ways of seeing the same energies, and thus allow individuals a new way to approach these difficulties. Duftite can be very helpful in healing when speaking to an individual about their difficulties, helping to bring them to a new perspective. By the use of this stone, a loving bridge can be created that can show a new perspective so the individual can create their own sense of higher potential, their own solutions. These are not imposed from outside, and thus are much more easily accepted by the individual.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in