Dufrenoysite (Switzerland) – Transforming Thought-forms

This fascinating crystal has the capacity to allow you to transform negative thoughts and energies that had previously been shunned or pushed away from your consciousness into awareness to enable them to be shifted, transformed, and not necessarily let go of, but changed in such a way that they provide energy. What is fascinating about Dufrenoysite is the way in which the gem elixir may be helpful for individuals who are struggling with various forms of chronic fatigue. Oftentimes chronic fatigue does not easily give way to various other treatment modalities.

In about half the cases, the various treatment modalities, those that might be working on various hidden mechanisms, poor nutrition, better balancing of the body and so on, will correct the condition. But for many other individuals, for the other half, an underlying condition that has a strong connection to the psycho-spiritual, an aspect of consciousness, an inner war, this energy needs to be released but cannot easily take place, that release cannot easily take place by any external means. This stone has the capacity to shift how you approach the entire issue. But most importantly, it helps you whether it is with some involvement with chronic fatigue or healing or not, to simply recognize that which can be dark, difficult, evil, that which you might see as drawing energy away from things, having a positive, helpful, encouraging, strengthening, or even uplifting side to it.

There is an interesting suggestion made to combine this with black quartz for a very interesting transformative energy. And indeed, individuals might wish to experiment with this to see ways in which various aspects of transformation may be enhanced as a result.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in