Diamonds (Carbonados) – Enhanced Consciousness

(Found only in Brazil and West Africa, at least 2.8 million years old, perhaps much older)

There are several locations in this galaxy where diamonds are collected, studied, worked with in various different ways. Some of these are areas where there is special emphasis on varieties of space minerals in which the space diamonds hold a very special place. One of the museums is located on the sixth planet orbiting the Sirius binary, and this place has many unique and interesting properties because it is relatively easy to change environmental conditions in this location. Some data that is accepted in your consciousness is blended with a larger awareness being beamed to earth from this museum and this place. Some individuals particularly those with some affinity for some of the nearer stars and the Sirian groupings will have access to this, some sense of familiarity and awareness.

Diamond, in general, can be seen as having many useful healing properties. These have many capacities in association with higher vibration, seventh chakra, many such energies. But this particular, and many of the various black diamonds from space, and many of the diamonds with higher consciousness, will also have awareness of the evolutionary nature, of aspects of what it is simply to be alive. This can be tremendously helpful when one is seeking to clear miasms. Certainly this is one of the well-known properties of earthly diamonds, but here one has a different perspective, an awareness of so many of the properties and characteristics that are outside the realms of the usual pathways of human comprehension and human history. In addition, there is awareness with black carbonados diamond of a consciousness of the galaxy itself, of the sharing of energies with the earth that takes place amongst all the stars. It is as if there is a powerful intercommunication that is translated into something far more assimilable, far more understandable.

Besides chakra seven, there is much energy and alignment of chakras eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. Some of these energies will inevitably make their way into various aspects of consciousness at the physical, but there does seem to be general influence on the brain and all of its aspects, increased ability to utilize minerals by the brain, and much strengthening of anything brain-related. This can of course affect every part of the body, but many of those aspects more specifically relating to brain, particularly the absorption of fats for the building of nerves in the brain is noted.


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