Diamonds (Ballas) – Subtle Body Blast

(Ballas, or shot bort, is composed of concentrically arranged, spherical masses of minute diamond crystals. Ballas is extremely hard, tough, and difficult to cleave. Principal sources are Brazil and South Africa. Brazilian ballas is said to be the harder of the two)

Many of the crystalline form characteristics carry over. But here there is a particular affect on the nesting aspect of the subtle bodies as if all of the subtle bodies come into closer alignment. But a most definite sequence begins to illuminate itself for the person using this elixir. There is this sense of highest energy percolating or blending through energies at the next lower level as they come down into the causal, then through various other subtle bodies. For most people, the sequence would then be through astral body, then mental body, then emotional body, then aetheric body, then physical; but there can be other sequences and other arrangements for some individuals. But the sense that these are nested, one works with the other, as one understands and works with one of these characteristics, then an uncovering and greater depth and greater exploration into the next one and so on. Making the connection of all of these can be a useful tool for many individuals, and these aspects can be felt, so it is as much a sort of kinesthetic experience as it is anything visual or audible. Sometimes there can be awareness of this energy as building up in the physical. It would, for most individuals, be more useful if they can then use that for healing, sharing, or assisting others, that an intrinsically altruistic aspect inevitably shows up, which significantly enhances the capability of using this energy, one becomes more healed oneself when sharing this healing with others.


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