Decrespignyite-Y (Australia) – Expression

Decrespignyite-Y stone has some useful characteristics at encouraging a series of clear concise expressions from people for each other, a willingness to speak in a way in which those energies will finally be heard, heard when previously there were blocks to this. Although the immediate application for this is in rhetoric through speech giving, the more valuable is in a way in which people can connect with each other and find the right thing to say in the right moment. The ability to share using the voice may extend also into singing, and in particular where singing is improvisational. There can be benefit to the areas of the brain in which ideas are formed, in which people are able to light up portions of the brain, actualize nerve interaction and other capacities that were lost to them through accident. This may also assist when individuals have speech impediment or capacities through damage to the brain to ways in which it is difficult to properly formulate words. It also can be helpful when individuals want to more clearly communicate with themselves, formulate ideas more consciously, become more aware of the underpinnings of what it is that they want to express to others.


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