Cyrtolite (Var. Zircon with Thorite, Thorosumite & Autunite) –

The elixir of this stone has many capabilities because it is not a pure specimen. These specimens have coexisted, interacted, and have a high level of vibrational interaction, and it is likely that a significant portion of this will be transferred to the elixir. The elixir will provide in individuals a deeper awareness of modes of communication that they have not been previously familiar with.

Oftentimes for people this will initially be psychic modes of communication such as telepathy, clairvoyance, an attunement to energies they had not previously seen possible, but over time this is likely to shift, as if that communication becomes innate, intuitive, without words. Communication with a variety of other beings seems likely, in particular the contact with other life forms, forms that have not been previously available to individuals, and most interesting of these: fungi, the opportunity to better understand and work with the entire fungi kingdom, molds but especially mushrooms, and the ability to understand them in a different sense. It does seem likely that any psychic abilities, particularly relating to communication or connection to the environment, to other people, and so on, as they become stronger, will likely move through some period of transformation, a way in which they suddenly connect to other abilities or shift into ways you had not previously seen possible.

Timing for this would be somewhat intensified if utilized just before Mercury goes retrograde, just in the time of Mercury going direct, a slight intensification probably noteworthy for most people. As communication is enhanced, dream recall may also be strengthened, opportunity to better share this with others, to do things in ways that communicate in ways that might not have otherwise been available: communicating through movement for instance rather than through words, or by gestures, or by a sense of place, where you are located in a room or how you stand in relation to another person, whole different areas that most people do not explore when they are looking into their understanding of what they are communicating to others.


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