Columbite-Tantalite (Colorado) – Healing Obstacles

Columbite-tantalite does appear to have interesting capacities at providing a variety of helpful healing energies when individuals have worked with various other healing modalities and are blocked. They find that they have used some particular method or technique and it has worked to a certain extent, but now they really need to go further. The blocks that may be encountered will at first seem to be those that have to do with the method itself or things from outside. For instance, you have been working with a particular form of healing such as Reiki or nutrition and you have gotten some benefit, some shift with a particular condition you are focusing it on, but now though you continue to use it, you do not get further benefit. Frequently, when this is occurring there is an important soul lesson, some important issue to work with, something you have been overlooking, ignoring, or perhaps even repressing. Columbite-Tantalite helps to bring this into consciousness, helps the individual to break through the aspects that have stood in the way of this. Many times what has shown up is something you are in denial of, you are not fully aware of it, it is somehow pushed away from your consciousness. Suddenly, you become aware of this, you begin to look at it, and at the same time the same healing modality that you have been using is more effective, more helpful, more penetrating, more valuable, and more understood.


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