Cobaltite – Absorbing Prana

This stone is helpful in cleansing processes that relate to the body’s ability to directly absorb energy and vibration from water, and to directly absorb pranic energies when breathing through the nose. Clearing of the sinus passages may take place with its use. Individuals with sinus difficulty, be it post-nasal drip, tendency toward sinus infections, or allergies that focalize in the sinus area, can benefit from this stone and the elixir. The elixir, diluted, may be beneficial as a nasal spray. The idea is to bring the vibration into the body, and then — within a period of a half hour after taking in Cobaltite elixir — to focus energy on energetic sources, while pouring loving energy out and then drawing it back in. The source of energy can be the sun, the wind, elemental forces, the moon, or whatever energy one might be attracted to. Aromatherapy coordinates nicely with Cobaltite.


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Weight2.91 oz
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