Cinnabar – Insight

Cinnabar is one of the more fascinating gems found on Earth because of its simultaneous quality of the presence of mercury and some of the damaging and difficult effects, and the tremendous capacity for healing, benefit, and cleansing and clearing that is made available. The Chinese in their extensive use of cinnabar in feng shui techniques, various pastes, ointments, ways of preparing it as an herb and other things in some cases were only utilizing the properties of the mercury, but in other cases were utilizing this for its energetic effects. The gem elixir has the unique advantage of primarily taking only the positive qualities and indeed the beneficial healing and cleansing effects of mercury itself into the higher vibratory realms. The element mercury is generally found in excessive levels in all people today. Where such levels are particularly problematic or when the individual has conditions that predispose them to ways in which this toxic metal can push them too far in one direction or another, Cinnabar initially brings a sense of balance, bringing much awareness to how things can be better and more easily balanced in your own consciousness. And later allows the physical body to rebalance and work out some of these mercury toxicity issues. Sometimes this will mean the need for some profound cleansing, some way in which the mercury is brought out of the system. In other cases it can be a very gradual cleansing, in other cases it can be a craving for a particular food that has capacity to reduce mercury contamination, by example cilantro or coriander, or various spicy herbs, or even sea vegetables. In addition, Cinnabar may provide for some individuals a sudden flash of inspiration, a whole new way of seeing things. This will often be mirrored by a significant drop in resistance in the physical body, an enhancement in various psychic abilities, and a sudden inspiration, while at the same time an opportunity to let go of areas that might have otherwise been standing in the way so that one can better receive these energies. Typically though, this will be fairly brief, with the individual having this as a flash of insight or deeper awareness, which then passes over the next few days. There are some interesting affiliation in some experiments with the gem elixir of Ulexite, and that these two might be a very interesting combination, perhaps with Uranus planet elixir for this brilliant flash of insight aspect.


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