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Carrollite (Zaire) – Personality Shift - Pegasus Products

Carrollite (Zaire) – Personality Shift

Carrollite has an interesting capacity to allow an individual to turn off their personality, to actually have a different sense of oneself. This elixir helps to have more perspective on what is the nature of your personality, how it has served you, how it identifies you, how you have used it as a method of identification. In a meditative state, using carrollite as an initiator, then to go into this place where you recognize an infinite energy or a sense of expansion. For instance, in answering the question ‘who or what is experiencing this moment now’, and going deeper into that; or ‘who are you’? or ‘who am I’? Those sorts of questions may result in this expanded experience in which the personality can be sensed as existing separately or independently from the body, from the mind, from the ego, from consciousness. Personality is of course a construct, for when you perceive it in this way more objectively or are able to drop it so that you may understand it in a more clear and conscious manner, you may be able to redefine it, choose it in a different way than you have before, find a way to access it or work with it that is inherently more healing or beneficial. For instance, if someone has been told that they have an abrasive personality, or they are overly sensitive, or find ways in which they are not easily able to connect to other people. Extreme examples of this such as various personality disorders, as by example borderline personality, or various issues relating to ways in which cruelty or misjudgment or various ways in which compassion is somehow missing, all seem to be beneficially affected by carrollite.


Additional information

Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in

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