Caledonite – Personal Growth

This stone can shift people’s ideas about personal growth, what is possible for them, and how they can create this. There is often a disruption in one’s energy when taking on a new pattern of personal growth or a particular discipline, be it psychological, spiritual, or even physical. This usually creates the necessity for a period of hermitage where one brings one’s energy into oneself without being as easily available to one’s partner. Disharmony can be created if the person close to the individual is also seeking personal growth but does not cleave to the path that the other has chosen. This stone can be helpful in balancing some of these difficulties by showing the common essence. It could allow a couple to pursue two paths simultaneously with a deliberate blending of their energies and a sharing of the inspiration, understanding, and awareness brought by their individual growth. An aspect of deeper forgiveness is strengthened by the use of Caledonite. A conscious awareness develops that the ultimate point of the personal growth, deeper awareness, and clearing is to increase the love between them.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in