Calaverite – Love Perception

This is a fascinating material that is allowing a powerful bridging in consciousness between your understanding of love and your actuality of love, the ability to have a sort of stepping outside, turning around and looking, how you look at it, how you understand it in yourself, as if you were seeing it in someone else, as if you are seeing it from the outside.

This can at times be a wrenching and difficult experience for people; the elixir can ease that experience while at the same time encouraging the individual to look at this. Although one might think that this would initially give a critical or self-critical point of view, this actually is not the case. Most individuals quickly recognize that as they are understanding the way they love, the way that love shows up in their lives, the way they have enforced or worked with love in the past that is habit pattern, etc, that the moment they have a critical point of view on it, some aspect of self-judgment or limitation, they are somehow reducing or withdrawing the love. By the very way in which you perceive this love, you perceive it without love as a perceptive instrument. All manner of possibility of how love might show up for you comes up for self-examination.

A clear eye upon it, and this can mean many things to many people. The sense of love as a feeling, the awareness of something in your body, the energy as it moves through you. Even this can within it can have some limiting capabilities that really become clear to you: they are not love at all, they are the feelings, sensations, the movements of energy, hormones, blood, whatever, they are simply physical body sensations. In this way, it is as if love’s true nature emerges not as a mental experience, not as something thought of, but as a personal experience for you. We have often stated that the very nature of what love is about connectivity, a way in which one is connected to another, be it a molecule connected to another molecule or a being to another being. But this is an intellectual exercise.

To step away from that into a deeper viewing of this from an emotional place, from the place of love itself, this may be assisted by this elixir. An encouragement to change the modalities by which you allow yourself to love and be loved would naturally result. You would take on other means of understanding and feeling this, and be encouraged naturally to extend this to other people, animals, plants, and especially to the earth herself


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