Boltwoodite (Namibia, South Africa) – Healing Ability

There is a useful quality of the ability to heal enhanced with Boltwoodite that seems to be useful in any form of radiation treatment, but also with the ability of people to provide a sense of light or energy to each other. This becomes a sort of generalized healing field that then can be turned into something specific. The best way to use this would be that one would have the visualization upon taking the elixir that you are surrounded by energy, a brilliant pulsating golden light perhaps, and as that pulsation becomes stronger and clearer, you very deliberately choose to keep it in that form until it changes. For some individuals, this may take as long as three days, particularly where the astral body is affected. But for most individuals within about 5 minutes this will shift. Gradually what will show up will be a pattern. It may be a sense of an object such as a crystal or a particular geometric form, or it may be a motion such as a swirling, or it may be a reminder of a past-used technique such as the visualizations associated with various healing methods. The healing field as is created by Boltwoodite does seem to extend worldwide, the opportunity to have the sense that you are allowing healing for other people in other places, having the awareness that their energy is somehow also affected, this does seem to be enhanced by the presence of the elixir, as if the vibration itself assists with this. One of them is the use of elixirs to assist individuals in working with this. The other is the emphasis on a variety of radiation-reducing health methodologies, including recommendation for such foods as avocado and orange, or the use of the sea vegetables, and the ways in which these can be applied as a sort of everyday part of ones diet. In the meantime, to understand these possibilities, to look at them, to bring them to people’s attention, does seem at least temporarily to be one of the benefits of the investigation and utilization of Boltwoodite. This may be effective in the treatment of any radiation-related condition, such as depleted uranium exposure, which is all too common in Middle East.


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