Bobbierite (Kola Peninsula of Russia) – Manifestation

Bobbierite has some interesting qualities of shifting ones relationship to manifestation. It is often for this underlying reason that you then create the underlying blocks to prevent having those things show up in your life, and as a result examine the issues, work with those blocks, and grow as a result. As the entire process becomes easier to understand, Bobbierite is able to influence this to allow you to let go of those attributes that stand in the way of your own emotional energy assisting with the manifestation process. It is as if an energy that relates to the phrase ‘I deserve’ or some similar positive helpful energy begins to come into the body by a different route. The soul always has such energy; it is always there to allow different capacities of love, abundance, various healing energies etc to come into a person. But, if for whatever reason they reduce, filter, or reject those energies, they are not easily available by other routes. Bobbierrite can help with this, bringing all different new points of view in, new pathways; new ways of understanding the collective consciousness around deserve ability, around the opportunities for humanity to help itself.


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