Bixbyite (Tool County, Utah) – Higher Communication

Bixbyite does seem to enhance one’s communication with guides and helpers that are seeking physicality in recent, new or upcoming incarnations. These include extraterrestrials and beings who have significant desire to impact humans. Many times these beings have been characterized as blind guides. Communication with blind guides is helpful. These are beings who might want very much to help, having a positive outlook, and awareness of their desire to assist and love, but at the same time much difficulty with the bigger picture, knowing exactly what is right to do in any circumstance, and most importantly, taking on a willingness to have karma, to take on issues in which the people involved might be hurt, might have struggle, might have their own limitation of various phenomena in their lives. Still though, this ability to understand, to form a bridge, this is important, and Bixbyite can be valuable in allowing this as a communication.Where it gets particularly intriguing is around extraterrestrials who have on their agenda a high likelihood of overt contact with human beings. For many decades, people involved in various aspects of psychic awareness, channeling, sharing information in the world of a subtler nature, have predicted this, have stated that it is time for contact with such beings. One of the reasons this occurs is in the area of what could be seen as a positive helpful self-fulfilling prophesy where humans choose to bring this forward: one of the best ways to do it is to propose that it will happen. Bixbyite may indeed play an important role in this, allowing you to make deeper contact with beings who are willing to take on the karmic consequences of such action as making a public announcement, becoming aware of transference of technology, being involved in ways beyond that of shadow or secret governments, but areas in which ordinary people would have access, would be able to work with, or in fairly simple ways communicate with extraterrestrials. This deeper understanding that comes each day one step closer is an area of tremendous concern for a wide variety of non-physical beings, those who see that it is going to be an essential characteristic of humanity’s waking up process. So the important aspect to understand here is that at its deeper level, Bixbyite is a healing stone. It allows individual to find this inner healing that allows them to open on all levels to the deeper messages of the guides and helpers, of the beings at the higher vibrational level, of their own soul and other things. The path is indirect. It is one that comes first through the awareness of others, of their struggles, their inability to see at the higher vibrational level. But it allows them at an eventual level in themselves to recognize this tendency.


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