Beudantite – Understanding

This stone helps people tune into a common base of love, enabling them to bridge to other cultures, races, and — especially — other genders and generations. Beudantite helps one increase love for the smallest essence component out of which others have built their lives. You might understand how people, given their set of circumstances, have done the best they can; and thus you can forgive or love them. The stone was utilized in a number of interactions in the past between Lemurians and Atlantians during visits from extraterrestrials. It was able to cleanse certain difficult issues that have nothing to do with Earth beings. Small quantities of this stone have been removed from Earth and utilized to heal conflict between various extraterrestrial races. This elixir will benefit those who wish to understand peace more, accept it in themselves, and work with it more consciously.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in