Betafite (Madagascar) – Psychic Abilities

Betafite has some fascinating properties at stimulating a wide variety of psychic abilities, but most importantly, tends to confer on those working with the elixir a sense of their own evolution, their ability to perceive as if through these psychic levels where that evolution can take them, and help them make decisions as to guiding that evolution. What will typically occur is that this is principally because of humanity’s need for these psychic abilities–as you contemplate your evolution, you begin to realize how important these abilities are, how the capacity to recognize subtler energies than you are normally capable of, or diagnose aspects of your own and others bodies, work with the earth more directly, understand the subtler realms which surround all beings, and work with the multidimensional reality, it becomes naturally important to you, an aspect of your own evolution. For some individuals, of course, their own psychic abilities awakening might turn them into completely different areas of interest, drawing them to the more physical and practical, but over and over the consensus shows up in your soul, the aspect of consciousness of your guides and helpers and the collective of humanity, that the development of these higher dimensional aspects of your being, the aspects of what could be called sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and so on senses, as opposed to simply the five senses, these aspects are intrinsic to humanity’s survival, understanding of it’s purpose, ability to assist others, your own soul’s evolution, and other things. Many times when people have utilized various vibrational remedies in order to increase psychic abilities, there is less emphasis on evolutionary aspects. There might be some focus on the spiritual, but more typically it is around the realm of simply getting to know those psychic abilities, recognize them instead of being afraid of them, understand their true nature, etc, etc. But with Betafite comes this deeper understanding these must be used appropriately. These must be energies that I can use to grow and understand myself; how can these be applied in ways that are in alignment with my purpose? For many individuals, their purpose will coincide with aspects of helping others, growth through assistance, learning by interacting with others and sharing one’s own truths with them to watch them and assist them in their process. Inevitably therefore for most people, improvement in telekinetic, various healing abilities, and aspects of deeper communication, various forms of telepathy, dream journeys together, awareness of deeper interaction at these higher vibrational levels with other people will result.This is an excellent elixir to use to improve communication with animals.


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