Baddeleyite (Kola Peninsula in Russia) – Psychic Abilities

Baddeleyite has some intriguing properties with regards to a person’s ability to discover new psychic abilities and put them into use; and at the same time as doing this, find ways in which these abilities can be conferred with others and shared with them. When used for longer periods of time, this can build to what could be termed, group psychic abilities. These abilities can relate to the focused intent of any group, in particular in areas in which the group has a common desire for assistance: to help others, to bring something of benefit to the planet, etc. Some individuals may find it useful when they are not actually in a group and are seeking to contact the group that is not in physical proximity, such as group endeavors during sleep or shared projection experiences, and this is an area of some experimentation but is noted as an additional application for the elixir. Many applications with land use are obvious: plants, animals, wildlife, all benefiting, forest areas as well as areas used for growing crops, and so on.


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