Artinite – Light Absorption

This stone is valuable for coordinating any higher light energies as they make their way into the physical body. This gives many opportunities for healing, for attunement, and for a direct projection of the energy. Artinite elixir will create a gradually increasing cumulative effect. The initial utilization of Artinite elixir would bring a person a sense of deeper peace. Then there would be an awareness of various energies that need to be cleared, these dealing with higher psychological or spiritual functions, as well as certain physical functions. Then there will be a period of peace. Lastly, there would be a sense of higher coordination, as if a greater light becomes available for the person. Artinite elixir enhances absorption of light from sunlight, the biotron, and other healing devices utilizing light, as well as subtle light healing where light is imagined to pour into a person as in the Omega, Reiki, Masacari, Jotri, and many other techniques. This stone was utilized in Atlantis and by beings associated with the Pleiades for bringing light frequencies into DNA.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in