Aragonite – Restructuring

This stone has an unusual internal structure. For those working with architecture or with structures such as groups or communities, aragonite can clarify how energies can depend on one another and work together. This may also benefit individuals who are studying higher forms of mathematics, especially fractal geometries. Individuals who wish to attune to the artistic forms created through fractals and other new geometries will benefit as well, even though they may not have any mathematical background. Aragonite is helpful for people who are restructuring their lives by doing internal work, but this must always be shared with others in some way. There is some added flexibility to the spine. The ability to work with yoga is improved. Those who find extreme stresses in the physical body when energetic yogic forms such as Iyengar style yoga are used will benefit from Aragonite. There is enhanced absorption of many trace minerals such as molybdenum, boron, silver, gold, and the more available minerals such as manganese and cobalt.


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