Allanite-Ce (Greenland) – Sexual Prejudice

With Allanite-Ce, there does seem to be some significant shift in the ability to receive information that individuals have hidden emotional or moral blocks to. This can be especially helpful with sex education where people are not easily receiving, somehow resisting, pushing away important useful information. This is an interesting issue to examine across cultures, with the significant resistances to this in African cultures, resistances to this in some U.S. educational districts where high percentage of Christian and especially Christian fundamental individuals live, and less resistance or greater acceptance and awareness of this in more sophisticated, less religious European communities. The difficulty with this often is simply those aspects which are unexamined, areas in consciousness that run deep but are those which you are unwilling to experience or understand. Sex education is only one of these areas of course, it can be ways in which individuals have great resistance to things that oppose their religion, various cultures that do things very differently from you, and ways in which those energies might be resisted because of various racial or religious or cultural prejudices. But it is not the breaking down of the prejudices themselves, it is rather an examination or understanding of the inner attitudes, those aspects that have been previously denied and pushed out of your consciousness, that begin to show up. This is particularly true in one very simple manifestation around issues of sexuality. It has very much to do with a repression of the information, the lessons, the experiences, and so on that were learned from a previous lifetime in which you were the opposite gender from what you are today, or the same gender but with a clear preference for people, individuals, who were not seen as acceptable to your culture.


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