Aeschynite-Y – Nutritional Balance

The capacity of Aeschynite-Y to allow various mental states to shift can for some individuals be quite profound, helpful in lifting aspects of depression, particularly where it is of unknown cause. Many times this is physical; purely a nutritional issue, and the individual may note in utilizing this stone that there is a sudden craving, a sudden sense of the taste for a particular food. Unfortunately this is problematic if the food is one that is clearly damaging or difficult for the body. Should this then show up, look for a similar food that might be something available to your ancestors, meaning going back 10,000 or more years, and a food that therefore is easily natural, unprocessed, and might indeed be obtained. If the food might be utilized in that unprocessed form available to your ancestors, many significant benefits can show up. In addition, one has deeper insight into such states, which can be particularly problematic when the individual has no awareness of why they have shown up, where that energy is coming from, what is being pushed in, what emotion and so on, and where it is affecting ones own outlook, such aspects as sadness or grief may be more easily released. There is also a sense of hope that shows up without reason, and it is not so much in the cleaving to or attachment to this more positive emotion that there is benefit, rather it is a way in which one can somehow go beyond both that of hope and hopelessness, that of grief and joy, and come to a place in which one can simply accept that those energies move through, that they are allowed, and that they shift. As one becomes more aware of this, there is a chemical balance reset within the body, and this often can give rise to the craving for the various things that are missing. Wide spectrum foods containing a variety of healthy useful materials can often be employed when one does not have a craving for any specialized food.


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