Wooly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum) – Mutual Understanding

This plant has the unique capability to engage individuals in an understanding of group process, deeper interaction between each other as if they have always known each other, a powerful helpful loving energy is established. This energy can be particularly helpful when an individual is outside of your own soul group. The meeting of people outside of your soul group is an activity that is becoming more widespread on your planet, partly as a result of computers, the internet, and partly simply as a result of increased population. It is within humanity’s destiny to eventually come to the place of a singular soul group, a powerful interaction of many beings as one as they have been in the past, and as they would naturally then allow this. This can be a useful tool, but along the way there is a tendency within the individual to naturally only attract or be connected to people of a similar vibration. But the more interesting application appears to be a way in which this flower essence is very useful when meeting people for the first time, people who you do not seem to have all that much affinity with, which you do not really understand their point of view in the world. This can be seen across races, culture, age, gender, but it is more applicable here when it comes to spirituality, religion, and understanding of god that is personal to individuals that can be quite different from one person to the next. An aspect that opens in your interaction with other people is an innate sensitivity and a willingness to be soft, loving, kind, and to naturally find the answer to this simple question as you interact with them: how can I draw out the part of them that is soft, loving and kind? How can we make a heart connection here? This plant does seem to focus a great deal of its energy on the heart chakra, but it is also one that engages the mind, as if a co-creative energy between the fourth and sixth chakras is established that can give you insight and understanding into interacting with another people.


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