Wild Oat (Bromus ramosus) – Soul Purpose

With Wild Oat, one begins to recognize the greater difficulties that show up in the manifestation of one’s work in the world. The greater difficulty being: is it the highest and best use of my time here on earth? What do I take with me from what I have learned and done here? And for many individuals, this is an emotional process. What is observed in many, who take this remedy, is that a powerful emotion is released that is sort of a blend of hopelessness and sadness or grief. This energy of melancholy that is released is necessary to work with right livelihood, to understand your work in the world; because when it is released, one then has a deeper sense of the answers to these difficult questions, and begins to manifest greater enthusiasm, greater love, greater energy in the world for what one is working with. This would not seem obvious at the start: that some release of grief, some feeling of hopelessness in the body, could be beneficial. Oat elixir appears to shift a balancing or aligning between chakras 8 and 12 in a most helpful way.


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